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KEEPER BALM Single Stick


(7 customer reviews)



  • Will last a full year, or LONGER!
  • Protects against loss of grip and helps repel dirt

Condition your gloves with KEEPER BALM®!

  • 50% Better Grip than most NEW gloves
  • Protects gloves from pore-clogging minerals that dry out latex
  • Repels dirt, to keep your gloves looking great & performing like new or BETTER
  • Restores tackiness & grip to older goalkeeper gloves
  • 100% effective in dry and wet conditions.
  • 4 to 10x longer life than without conditioning (backed by research)
  • Distribute balls with more precision
  • Regain confidence in your abilities

KEEPER BALM is a HIGHLY RESIDUAL goalkeeper glove conditioner that soaks into your gloves, to make the grip better than new.

If you’ve been suffering game after game, knocking the ball down in front of you, because your gloves won’t allow you to catch the ball the first time, get ready to change your game

With Keeper Balm, you’ll:

  • Catch balls with your HANDS
  • Distribute balls with more precision
  • Regain confidence in your abilities


WARNINGKEEPER BALM® will change your game!

KEEPER BALM Goalkeeper Glove Conditioner is best used with new, high quality goalkeeper gloves to ensure long-lasting performance and improve grip.  It also works with older gloves to restore grip & tackiness, up to better-than-new condition.

It’s 100% effective in dry and wet conditions.

If you’ve been suffering game after game, knocking the ball down in front of you because your gloves won’t allow you to catch the ball the first time, get ready to change your game.

KEEPER BALM Goalkeeper Glove Conditioner:

  • Indefinitely Better Grip
  • Repels dirt, to keep your gloves looking great and performing BETTER THAN NEW
  • Restores tackiness to older goalkeeper gloves
  • “Mom approved” Sticker included with order!
  • 100% effective in dry and wet conditions.
  • Distribute balls with more precision
  • Regain confidence in your abilities

A  single stick of KEEPER BALM can last FOREVER

OK, so maybe not “forever“, but it should realistically last you at least 50 games (applying every other game).

Keeper Balm Goalkeeper Glove Conditioner is HIGHLY RESIDUAL, so you don’t need to apply it for every game or training.  Also, if you apply it to your gloves when they’re brand spanking new, then you may only need to apply it once every 3 or 4 games.


For best results, apply to clean, dry goalkeeper gloves, 24 hours before use, to allow it to soak in. (This will make the gloves so grippy that you can play one hand catch with a soccer ball.) You can apply it to wet gloves, too – and it’ll help  – but the application is more effective when applied to dry gloves, BEFORE they get wet.

To keep your gloves functioning like new for as long as possible, always wash them with a mild soap after every use.  We recommend an all natural soap, without harsh chemicals or perfumes, like biokleen, Laundry Liquid, Free & Clear, 64 oz

Click here for goalie glove washing instructions.

*To get the most out of your KEEPER BALM grip stick, don't leave it out in extreme heat or extreme cold.  A good practice is just to keep it in your GK glove bag with your gloves.

Additional information

Weight 2.3 oz
Dimensions 1 × 2 × 3 in

7 reviews for KEEPER BALM Single Stick

  1. D Taylor

    I love keeper balm. Some of the best gloves loose their tackiness within a matter of weeks (even when the latex lacks obvious damage). This balm rejuvenated Uhlsport supergrip, Reusch G3, Adidas Evozone and various contact latex gloves (One glove, West Coast, and Noetz GK). Unlike glove glu, keeper balm application is mess free (the spray bottle of both types of glove glu leaks everywhere and it is difficult to evenly apply). I also found that the palm guard now sewn into many gloves was made tacky by keeper balm making catching the ball easier. My feeling is that keeper balm does last for many more catches than does glove glu (which can turn your gloves into dirt/dust magnets). I give this product my strongest recommendation.

    • Keeper Balm

      Thanks for the review and recommendation!

  2. Michel Mentlaw

    I thought that I would be able just apply it to my used gloves and everything would be fine. It wasn’t. My gloves are about 6 months old and pretty beat up. The palms are what I call “furry”. It’s all there, but not really in one smooth piece. Anyway, I got the stick and started to apply it and it kind of grabbed and palled little pieces of latex off. I stopped and didn’t go further, because I did not want to rip the gloves up any more.

    Next I tried to put it on my newer Reusch R2s. There are still in good shape, but definitely losing their grip. It was easier to apply but I was not sure it was much better. It felt oily. Next morning though and the gloves were much better. They had really good grip. I played my game and the gloves acted better then when I first got them.

    I started to give it 3 stars but changed it to 4 because it works very well but not on all gloves. If you have furry gloves, you just need to get glove glu. If you have gloves that don’t have a lot of damage then this is better.

    • Keeper Balm

      Thank you Michael for the great feedback. We are aware of the limitations of the balm, but have yet to figure out how to make a spray that is as effective. We’ll keep you posted on new developments.

  3. Mark McGuire

    Felt oily after applying but next day grip was really good. I followed the directions of the insert. Anyone who purchases should follow the directions.

    • Keeper Balm

      Thanks for the feedback, Mark!

  4. Mark Henderson

    Excellent product. My daughter swears by this stuff.

    • Keeper Balm

      Appreciate the vote of confidence!

  5. Terry Hargraves

    My son was always complaning that he needed new gloves but they looked fine. People told us to clean them, and we did. They told him to spit on them to get better grip and he did but after a month his gloves were always dry and slick. I switched soaps and kept them moist, but nothing worked. We tried Glove Glu, but he was always spraying it during the game and it was kind of distrating and when they dried it was worse. I found a video on youtube talking about keeper bomb and gave it a try. We applied it on an old pair of gloves and he went to training. His coach askied him what go into him and asked if he was doing training away from practice. Tyler told me he was catching everythign. We put the keeper balm on eall of his older gloves and now he has 5 good pairs of gloves. I am so thankful for this product.

    • Keeper Balm

      Great story. Spitting is actually detrimental to the latex, as saliva contains salt. Salt, of course, sucks the life out of latex. We are glad we could help.

  6. Phil Boyle

    Does what it says. Arrived next day. Daughter said her gloves were better than new. Good product

  7. rob carson

    Works well. I left it in the car and it melted a little and leaked a little from the bottom. We can still use it but now I just keep it in his soccer bag. Do not leave this in your cup holder if you live in a hot climate. We live in Florida and it was 98 degrees outside. It’s still a very good product and we will buy more when this runs out.

    • Keeper Balm

      Sorry about the mess, Rob. Never thought about that. Hope nothing got ruined.

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