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Inventor of KEEPER BALMIn 2013, Mike Slatton was getting ready to go to his over-40 soccer game, when he considered his goalkeeper gloves.  His gloves looked fine, but the latex had dried out, making it impossible to catch the ball in his hands. Yet another pair of goalkeeper gloves had lost its grip, requiring him to knock shots down in front of him and then scoop the ball up, or parry balls away that goalkeeper gloves should be able to catch. 

That day he tried pouring a popular sports drink on the gloves.  The gloves were sticky, but ants found their way into his gloves the next day and were all over his bag. The dye in the drink had also had discolored his white palms pink.  So, he washed his gloves (the palms stayed pink) and the next weekend he tried some petroleum jelly. He'd read that some pros used it on their new gloves to gain an advantage.  To his surprise it worked and was a lot less messy than the sports drink, so he used it the rest of the season. However, during the season break, he noticed that the petroleum jelly had solidified and melded with the palm latex, making the surface of his gloves HARD, flaky and brittle.  Just 6 games (and multiple trainings) and his gloves were ruined by the Vaseline. Once again, Mike found himself buying new goalkeeper gloves.  He determined that pros are never concerned with the long-term detriment of petroleum jelly, because many of them got new gloves every game.

The next season, Mike became obsessed with finding a long-term solution and tried everything that he had heard or read about, from honey to canned soda to bearing grease and eventually used all of that experience to develop an innovative solution that not only fixed the latex drying problem, but kept his gloves gripping like new, indefinitely

KEEPER BALM was born and for the next couple of years Mike gave it away to youth players he coached and professional goalkeepers that he new.  The feedback was always the same: "This stuff is awesome!  You need to sell it."  Eventually, Mike did decide to sell it and when people from around the world started buying it, he registered the name, but kept the formula secret.


KEEPER BALM® is an all natural product that includes just 5 natural ingredients, to make your gloves as-good-as or better-than-new.

It’s highly permeable (soaks in) to not only enhance & restore tackiness and grip, but will keep your gloves from ever drying out, ensuring that you get maximum usage and performance from your goalkeeper gloves.

Even better, a stick of KEEPER BALM will last 20 times longer than water based (spray) solutions, that never really work like you had hoped.

KEEPER BALM soaks into the latex of your gloves, preventing them from drying out and losing their grip, while enhancing their natural tackiness.  The results are BETTER than new grip, for the life of your gloves, saving you hundreds of dollars a year or, at the very least, the aggravation of not being able to hold onto the ball.

If you’re ready to Change Your Game, then get KEEPER BALM now.