FREE Pro-Level Gloves.  Just pay shipping of $15 (with purchase of KEEPER BALM)

Use PROMOTIONAL CODE: “gloves” at check out

Here’s the deal:  We ordered some gloves from a manufacturer that we’re not 100% satisfied with.  Therefore, we want to liquidate them.

The glove itself is exceptional, with 4mm German latex palms and other high quality features that you would expect from a pro-level glove.  The issue is the (removable) finger spines / finger saves:  They’re rather stiff, limiting the ability of the goalkeeper to make a fist .

We just can’t get past the stiffness of the finger spines – which are easily removed – and therefore cannot bring ourselves to sell them at full price.

These gloves come in 4 sizes – 7, 8, 9, & 10 – and will be offered until all pairs are gone. There is a limited quantity, so once the gloves are gone, the offer will be removed.

Use the promo code mentioned above, at checkout.

How to get awesome goalkeeper gloves for just $15:

  1. Choose glove size and add to cart.
  2. Add Keeper Balm to cart.
  3. Go to cart.
  4. Type promo code: gloves
  5. Pay, using credit card or PayPal
  6. Sit back in your chair and sigh. Think to yourself “Oh man!  I’m gettin’ some new gloves!”