The “Wrinkle Effect”

Like your skin, high-quality foam latex is susceptible to environmental elements. Like soaking your hands in warm water for a long period of time will cause your fingers and hands to wrinkle, foam latex can wrinkle when KEEPER BALM is applied to your gloves. That’s because KEEPER BALM helps your gloves retain moisture, necessary to [...]

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Why do goalkeeper gloves dry out?

There is a myth that spitting on your gloves is the best to "activate" the grip in the palm latex.  However, the act of spitting on your gloves is actually detrimental to them, as saliva contains sodium (a mineral) that gradually fills the pores and dries the latex.  Saliva also contains enzymes, who's job is to digest food.

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Why do my gloves feel oily?

If your gloves feel oily when applying KEEPER BALM®, it's because you are not washing them on a regular basis. The natural WAXES in KEEPER BALM protect the pores in the foam latex from filling with moisture sapping minerals that are found in sweat, tears, spit and, of course, dirt. The natural OILS soak into [...]

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How do I remove the odor and stink from my goalie gloves?

Bacteria are single-cell organisms that are neither plants nor animals. They usually measure a few micrometers in length and exist together in communities of millions. A gram of soil typically contains about 40 million bacterial cells. A milliliter of fresh water usually holds about one million bacterial cells.  Your skin is covered in bacteria. So, if bacteria is the culprit, it's easy to understand WHY your gloves stink.

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What ingredients are in KEEPER BALM®?

Keeper Balm is made up of proprietary blend of all natural ingredients, to add longevity and durability to the latex palms of goalkeeper gloves.  We don't use any unnatural chemicals, dyes or fragrances that may be an irritant to the skin or detrimental to the latex.  Therefore, you won't find any petroleum based products in Keeper Balm. 

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