Q: Why is Keeper Balm a stick of balm and not a spray?

A: We put a lot of effort into the ingredients needed to create the outcome we wanted.  In all honesty, we tried creating a spray FIRST, but the best we could do was create what was already available – and ineffective

To put the same ingredients found in Keeper Balm into a spray bottle, you have to mix it with water. Essentially, you are mixing oil and water, which requires an “emulsifier”. The emulsifier is the element that puts itself between the oil molecule and the water molecule.

The problem with this process is that the ingredients used in Keeper Balm are modified by the emulsifier, turning it into and emollient – or skin softener. With goalkeeper glove sprays, you’ll notice that, after the initial application dries, the stickiness wears off, and the gloves feel silky soft. Now, you’re FORCED to use it (the spray), because your gloves are silky smooth, without another squirt.

GLOVE CRACK. Any wonder why they sell that stuff by the gallon?

Here’s a good test – Try some glove spray on your hands: If you spray glove spray on your hands, initially, it’s sticky… then silky smooth… and you’re ready to go shake hands with your fans!