How to Clean Goalkeeper Gloves

You should always wash your goalkeeper gloves by hand, immediately after use, with a mild soap that is free of dyes, surfactants, fragrances, chlorine, ammonia, petroleum solvents, butyl and other stuff that is detrimental to the latex.  You should wash your gloves right after games and trainings to ensure that the dirt doesn’t dry, and suck the moisture out of the latex.  Latex is very susceptible to drying out, when minerals get trapped in the pores.

Saliva, sweat and soil all contribute to the deterioration of the latex on goalkeeper gloves.

After you wash your gloves, lay them out or hang them in front of a low fan.  NEVER lay your goalkeeper gloves out next to a heat source, like a radiator, stove or space heater, or place them in the clothes dryer.

Once dry, apply KEEPER BALM to the palms of your goalkeeper gloves, and any other latex parts of the glove.  For best performance, apply at least 12 hours before activity, to allow the product to soak in.  KEEPER BALM can be applied just before game time as well, but the palms may feel a little oily to the touch.  It will not however, impede performance.

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