Best Value Goalkeeper Gloves

Stop wasting money on goalkeeper gloves. 

Here is a list of the best brands to consider when you want an alternative to overpriced Nike and Adidas goalkeeper gloves

Adidas goalkeeper glove

Where to find the best value goalkeeper gloves.

If you’re looking for cheap goalkeeper gloves, but you don’t want to sacrifice quality, then this is the article you want to read. (Click here to skip to the list.)

The first goalkeeper glove brands that players & parents usually think of are Adidas and Nike. Some may think Uhlsport or Reusch.


Billion dollar advertising budgets, mostly. The sad fact is that, while these are the most popular goalkeeper gloves (and many times, the most expensive), they’re certainly NOT the best, for the price. In fact, you can buy pro-quality goalkeeper gloves for between $50 and $70 or LESS, by buying from “direct to consumer” brands – also known as “independent brands“.

Most independent brand goalkeeper gloves are at least as good as the $120+ models from the shoe manufacturers – and many times, better.  They’re much cheaper though, because they are smaller companies, absent of the crazy corporate structure and mega-advertising budgets.


Consider Adidas:  They employee nearly 60,000 people and have offices all over the world.  That $180 pair of Adidas goalkeeper gloves you bought from Dick’s Sporting Goods may have only cost Adidas $12 (on paper) to make, but they sold them to Dick’s for $90, in order to help pay for their international business structure and billion dollar advertising budget.  Then Dick’s had to mark those gloves up to $180, to help pay for their 30,000 employees, buildings, store displays, utilities and multi-million dollar advertising budget.

By purchasing gloves from independent glove brands, you can get that same quality for $50 to $70.  Cheap goalkeeper gloves from the big shoe manufacturers are cheap in quality, but cheap goalkeeper gloves from an independent glove brand, are just cheap in price.

A good rule of thumb for purchasing goalkeeper gloves is to plan to pay the same price as the soccer cleats (taking into account that you’re spending $50 to $70 for soccer cleats). If you’re doing that, then here’s where to find cheap goalkeeper gloves of exceptional value.


cheap goalkeeper glovesDirect to Consumer
If you want to save money on goalkeeper gloves , but not sacrifice quality, here are the independent goalkeeper glove brand companies you should be looking to for cheap, high-quality goalkeeper gloves.

  1. GK Glove Company ( –  “The Grip Specialists”  may be the least expensive brand on this list, but they are every bit as good as the top brands on the market.  This goalkeeper marketplace sells independent brand goalkeeper gloves from Huracán, Victoria and Boja Bonica.  Aside from price, what puts this brand at the top of the list is that they are the exclusive seller of KEEPER BALM®, a goalkeeper glove conditioner that ensures that your goalkeeper gloves NEVER lose their grip.  Talk about a money saver.  Read more here:
  2. West Coast Goalkeeping ( . “America’s Largest Goalkeeping Outfitter” sells branded goalkeeper gloves that are not only as good as the most expensive shoe brand gloves on the market, but they have great styles, too.  They are superior to, or as good as, Uhlsport and Reusch.  While they are a little more expensive than the above-mentioned Huracán and Victoire model gloves, their designs are also a bit more flashy.
  3. Aviata Sports ( –  “America’s #1 Goalkeeping Specialist” Aviata is nearly identical in craftsmanship, marketing, design, and quality to West Coast.  Their prices are almost identical, as well.
  4. The One Glove Company ( –  “The Original Alternative”, One Glove were the first in the world to come out against the more established players in the goalkeeper glove market.  Based in England, Will and Miles Leighton have run the company for over a decade, and are the standard bearers for all independent glove companies, world-wide.
  5. Seismic Goalkeeping (, Ireland.  These are some of the most beautiful goalkeeper gloves on the market.  You will be hard pressed to find more unique goalkeeper glove designs, anywhere in the world.  Their costs are incredibly reasonable too, considering the quality and design.

HONORABLE MENTION: You may also consider buying cheap goalkeeper gloves from specialty marketplaces like, or, who carry multiple brands, but which may not be the most current models.

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