Q: What is KEEPER BALM and why do I need it?

A: Because goalkeeper gloves dry out and lose their grip.



There is a myth thagoalkeeper spitting on their glovest spitting on your gloves is the best way to “activate” the grip in the palm latex. However, the act of spitting on your gloves is actually detrimental to them, as saliva contains sodium (a mineral) that gradually fills the pores and absorbs the natural moisture of the latex, thereby drying out the latex. Saliva also contains enzymes, of which the job is to digest food.

For food digestion, spit (saliva) serves as a temporary lubricating agent, to help food slide down your esophagus. For latex goalkeeper gloves though, saliva is just a temporary fix that causes long term damage.


Sweat, like saliva, is a great temporary fix for your grip problem, but wiping your brow is even more detrimental to the latex of your goalkeeper gloves, as it contains 50 to 100 times more salt than saliva, thereby ensuring your gloves will deteriorate 50 to 100 times faster than just spitting on them.


If sweat is bad, what do you think dirt will do? Like salt, dirt is made up of minerals that fill the pores and dry out the latex. Applying KEEPER BALM to brand new gloves ensures that the pores are protected, eliminating the detrimental effects of soil in the pores of the latex.


Goalkeeping can be a thankless job. If it’s a close game, you’ll beat yourself up for the next few weeks, thinking about how if you “could have just saved that one shot”, then maybe everything might not have gone “south” for your team.

Tap Water

Yes! Even tap water is detrimental to the longevity of your glove’s latex, because it has natural minerals, and sometimes chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. Minerals is tap water embed themselves into the pores of the latex, and when the water evaporates, the minerals continue to sap moisture from the latex, making them even dryers.

Trying to find a balance of the right amount of water to use to get maximum grip from your gloves is impossible, because each time they dry out, more pliability is sapped from the latex.

KEEPER BALM is GUARANTEED to cut down post game tears.
Applying Keeper Balm to your gloves when they’re brand new, will:

Ensure that your gloves always grip like new.
Make cleaning your gloves easier
Will make your goalkeeper gloves last longer, because they will never dry out

Applying KEEPER BALM to clean, dry, OLDER gloves will:

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