The KEEPER BALM “wrinkle effect”

What’s more important: Grip or appearance?

Good quality foam latex is used for goalkeeper gloves because it mimics human skin in many ways. In fact, goalkeeper gloves are like a “2nd skin“ that is intended to protect your hands from high-velocity shots and grip the ball.

the wrinkle effect of KEEPER BALM®Like your skin, high-quality foam latex is also susceptible to environmental elements. If you soak your hands in warm water for a long period of time, it will cause your fingers and hands to wrinkle.  Foam latex can do the same when KEEPER BALM is applied to it.

That’s because KEEPER BALM helps your gloves retain moisture, necessary to maintaining their pliability and their exceptional grip.

The wrinkle effect may not be the most attractive part of KEEPER BALM, but the fact that your gloves will NEVER lose their grip, should be an acceptable compromise. 

After all, what's more important?  Exceptional grip or gloves that look like you just too them out of the package.

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