KEEPER BALM™  is the result of an obsession to get the most of a product that always seems to look better than they perform: Goalkeeper Gloves.

Goalie gloves just never seem to be as good as the first catch.  From there, EVERY glove begins to lose their grip and tackiness, as the pores of the latex start to fill with dirt.  Washing helps, but many soaps can dry out the latex, cutting short the life of the gloves.

KEEPER BALM™ is an all natural product that includes just 7 simple ingredients, to make your gloves BETTER THAN NEW.

It’s highly permeable (soaks in) to not only enhance/restore tackiness and grip, but will keep your gloves from drying out, resulting in your goalie gloves lasting 4 times longer than they would normally.

Even better, it will last 30 times longer than water based (spray) solutions, that never really work like you had hoped.

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  • GK glove grip enhancer and restorer
  • Keeper Balm Goalkeeper golove grip restorer, 2oz and .75oz sticks
  • Vizari Pro Super Grip Glove, purchased 11/2012

If you normally take really good care of your gloves and can get a full year out of them, with Keeper Balm, they’ll last 4 years.

Keeper Balm soaks into the latex of your gloves, preventing them from drying out, and enhancing their natural tackiness.  The results are BETTER than new, and longer lasting, saving you hundreds of dollars a year or, at the very least, the aggravation of not being able to hold onto the ball.

If you’re ready to Change Your Game, then get KEEPER BALM now.