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Goalkeeper gloves need KEEPER BALM®

KEEPER BALM is an all natural product that ensures your goalkeeper gloves always grip like-new, and restores the grip in older gloves, to better-than-new condition, in many cases.


Goalkeepers who know, use KEEPER BALM. The Ultimate Accessory in your glove bag.

Stick Lasts One Full Year, or longer.

Tested on ALL POPULAR BRANDS of goalkeeper gloves (Adidas, Nike, Puma, Renegade, Uhlsport, West Coast, Aviata, Huracan, Reusch, Sells, Victoire, Storelli) and most independent brands.

Protects gloves from pore-clogging minerals that dry out latex.

Restores tackiness & grip to older goalkeeper gloves

100% effectivein dry and wet conditions.

Distribute balls with more precision.

Regain confidencein your abilities.

No mess.

If you’ve been a goalkeeper for a while, then you know that the exceptional grip your gloves have when they are brand new, will quickly fade. KEEPER BALM® ensures that your gloves grip like-newforever.  Apply just once a week, to clean, dry gloves.

Tristen Wedlock

Rangers FC - Tampa, FL

"Raunchy" Tarantino

West Florida Flames

George Harvey, Jr

Phoenix, AZ


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