Goalkeepers who know, use KEEPER BALM. The Ultimate Accessory in your glove bag.


  • Stick Lasts 1 Full Year (or longer).
  • Tested on ALL POPULAR BRANDS of goalkeeper gloves (Adidas, Nike, Puma, Uhlsport, West Coast, Aviata, Huracan, Reusch, Sells, Victoire, Storelli) and many independent brands.
  • Protects gloves from pore-clogging minerals that dry out latex
  • Restores tackiness & grip to older goalkeeper gloves
  • 100% effective in dry and wet conditions.
  • Distribute balls with more precision
  • Regain confidence in your abilities
  • No mess.

If you’ve been a goalkeeper for a while, then you know that the exceptional grip your gloves have when they are brand new, will quickly fade.

KEEPER BALM® ensures that your gloves grip like-new, foreverApply just once a week, to clean, dry gloves.

Where to buy KEEPER BALM in the Netherlands

The Netherlands

Get KEEPER BALM® from Jeugdkeeper.nl

Where to buy KEEPER BALM in Great Britain

The UK

Get KEEPER BALM® from S1 Goalkeeping.

GK Reviews: We Love Goalkeepers, and they love KEEPER BALM®.

“Why Didn’t I Know About This?”

“After every game, my coach would tell me I needed to “hold on to the ball”.

Then, I found KEEPER BALM. This stuff is AMAZING!”

After every game, my coach would tell me I needed to “hold on to the ball”. I was buying new gloves every month, but no matter how much I washed them, they were never as good as their first use.

Then, I found Keeper Balm. This stuff is AMAZING!”

Tristen Wedlock, Rangers FC - Tampa, FL
I’ve been playing goalkeeper for years, and actually thought that there was nothing to do about my gloves losing their grip. They looked fine, but I just couldn’t catch the ball in my hands. Then a goalie coach gave me a stick of Keeper Balm.


Ethan Sternberg, Clearwater Chargers
I like this stuff. It makes my gloves grip much better than they ever did before. I put it on my gloves before every game.

I like it a lot.

Thanasi Tarantino, West Florida Flames

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Ryan Desjean
Ryan Desjean
Love this stuff!!! My son has been using Keeper Balm for a while now, and the grip on his gloves is amazing! I would... recommend using Keeper Balm to every goalkeeper out there!read more
Matthew Woodhall
Matthew Woodhall
I have been using Keeper Balm for a few months and honestly it is the real deal. I've played as a goalkeeper for 20+... years from an amateur to semi pro level.I'm currently using keeper balm on the following gloves,Nike Mercurial Touch EliteNike Mercurial Touch VictoryAdidas Predator Pro 20Sells Elite Aqua CampioneI wash my gloves after every use, let them dry naturally then apply the keeper balm and give it a few hours to work its magic.And magic is the key word here, the grip and tackiness is like having a brand new, fresh out of the box pair of glove,s every time you use them, exponentially extending the life of your gloves.Also worth mentioning that my Sells gloves are 2+ years old and not in a great state, but as advertised I gave them a good clean, applied the Keeper Balm and it's just incredible.Also it smells really nice too!Off the field Mike provides excellent customer service, I emailed him with a question regarding cleaning my gloves. Mike got back to me almost right away with a very comprehensive, helpful answer.Mike's a top guy who understands what it's like being a goalkeeper, you really are in safe hands 😉To sum up, if you are a goalkeeper playing football at any level then Keeper Balm is incredible value and an absolute must.It really is a game changer ⚽️read more
George Harvey Jr
George Harvey Jr
I have played soccer since I was 5 years old, and have played at the highest level. I have seen products come and go... and all claim to be the next greatest thing, and realize they are not. Keeper balm is the real deal, it has kept my gloves in great shape and have lasted twice as long as they ever have and still have great grip. Remeber wash your gloves, let them dry, and apply keeper balm.read more
David Cavazos
David Cavazos
Great product for those Keepers that like to take care of their gloves. KEEPER BALM works to prolong the life and... enhance the grip of your GK gloves.read more
Scott Laura Joshua Jayden
Scott Laura Joshua Jayden
great stuff and will re-order,works really well on worn gloves

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