Goalkeeper Glove Conditioner

If you’re not using KEEPER BALM®, then you’re literally wasting money, purchasing gloves much more often than necessary and NEVER getting the performance out of your gloves that they’re capable of. 

Better Grip, Longer Glove Life

  • Tested on ALL BRANDS of goalkeeper gloves (Adidas, Nike, Puma, Uhlsport, West Coast, Aviata, Huracan, Reusch, Sells, Victoire, Storelli, Mitre, etc)
  • 50% Better Grip than new
  • Repels dirt, to keep your gloves looking great and performing like or BETTER THAN NEW
  • Restores Grip to older goalkeeper gloves
  • 100% effective in dry and wet conditions.
  • Infinitely longer life, than without conditioning (backed by research)
  • No messy liquids.
  • Apply once a week, to clean, dry gloves.


  • KEEPER BALM and pro quality Diablo 'MERICA goalkeeper gloves from Huracan GK KEEPER BALM and pro quality Diablo goalkeeper gloves from Huracan GK
  • Glove Glu Goalkeeper glove grip conditioner

    KEEPER BALM Single Stick

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GK Reviews: We Love Goalkeepers, and they love KEEPER BALM®.

“Why Didn’t I Know About This?”

“After every game, my coach would tell me I needed to “hold on to the ball”.

Then, I found KEEPER BALM. This stuff is AMAZING!”

After every game, my coach would tell me I needed to “hold on to the ball”. I was buying new gloves every month, but no matter how much I washed them, they were never as good as their first use.

Then, I found Keeper Balm. This stuff is AMAZING!”

Tristen Wedlock, Rangers FC - Tampa, FL
I’ve been playing goalkeeper for years, and actually thought that there was nothing to do about my gloves losing their grip. They looked fine, but I just couldn’t catch the ball in my hands. Then a goalie coach gave me a stick of Keeper Balm.


Ethan Sternberg, Clearwater Chargers
I like this stuff. It makes my gloves grip much better than they ever did before. I put it on my gloves before every game.

I like it a lot.

Thanasi Tarantino, West Florida Flames

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Grab Bag Deal!

This glove deal has been very successful, so we’re continuing it.  New inventory has just arrived and now you can get a pair of HURACÁN GK pro-quality game gloves and a stick of KEEPER BALM® for just $30 – $35 (depending on size)!

The only catch is… WE PICK THE GLOVES.

This is a NO EXCHANGE promotion, but your purchase is still protected against manufacturer’s defectsTOTAL retail VALUE of  this deal is $78.

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You are GUARANTEED to get a pair of exceptionally crafted gloves of pro-quality materials, featuring 4mm German latex palms, removable finger saves, and other high quality features that you would expect from a pro-level glove.

Q: “What if I don’t like the gloves?”

  • If there is a color that you DON’T want, tell us in the order notes.
  • If there is a color you are fond of, let us know in the order notes, and we’ll do our best to make it happen, but we can’t guarantee any particular sub-model, because *not all sizes and colors are available in the Grab Bag.

Your professional quality goalkeeper gloves feature:

  • Thick, 4MM German GIGA Grip Latex Palm
  • Durable latex backhand
  • Removable finger saves
  • Roll finger design
  • Thick wrist wrap or double elastic wrap.